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The Ill Made Knight's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2009-10-26 18:36
Subject:First Fishing Post

I don't think anyone reads this anymore but if you do just letting you know I'm going to be using this as a fishing journal to hopefully keep a better log of when and what I catch.

Location: Pier 60
Weather: East wind 5-10knts,
Air Temp: Upper 60s-low 70's
Water temp: 77
Tide: Low, slack

We were fishing green backs under floats from ~730-10:30. There was very little activity from mackerel from anyone. Bekah caught a small one ~12" as soon as we got there. There were however numerous tarpon around the pier, bait was plentiful.

On our way out in by the second sandbar we saw numerous young snook as well as sheepshead.

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Date:2008-03-03 19:09
Subject:Long time no see.

So I really don't have to good of a reason for doing this other than the fact my poor wife is constantly checking her live journal still and when I look over I keep seeing Laura's tattoo. I mean its an awesome tattoo (mine is gonna be more awesome but eh it happens) but she already saw it on Facebook too so I thought she might want to see something new. From me of all people even. I can't believe the last time I posted to this was before the wedding with my parents. That seems like forever ago cause it probably is. So whats new in my world? A lot I don't know who I'm talking to since I have like 2 friends on my lj but hey who knows. So beyond mainly writing this as a gesture of love to my wife who gets bored on the internet here are something that happened since my last post.

First I had that wedding with my family. It went well everything was beautiful so was my bride.

After that more school and working for chick-fil-a till I quit in March 2007.

I did try to be a geck breeder but Bekah and I both got sick of the heat and I wasn't putting the time into it. Plus Belle ate my most valuable gecko.

Bekah and I moved to a nicer apartment and in a few months from now are moving to an even nicer larger one.

After quiting Chick-fil-a went to work for my Dad which turned out to not be a very good idea.

We add Herbie the standard Dachshund to our family.

Christmas 2007 Bekah bought me a Nikon D40 which if livejournal were still cool would have been used to share numerous photos on here.

January 1st 2008 Bekah and I celebrate 2 years of marriage.

I'm sure I missed something but the main purpose of this was to give Bekah a couple extra minutes of time to waste on the internet and I guess I did that. Love you babe.
January 2nd 2008 Begin working for T. Rowe Price financial and looks like I may be working there for longer.

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Date:2006-03-10 12:02
Subject:Oh yeah I'm updating!

So technically spring break is here since I had to drop econ due to my teacher that manged to make the class average on an exam a 41. Since i have an A in stats and Financial accounting I don't think I'm retarded even though I wish I didn't have to even though I'm still 10 hours ahead or something like that. So yay spring break I got like the whole week off from work which is awesome so now I get plenty of time with Becky and her family before the wedding, who is sleeping next to me right now looking rather cute even though it is noon.

I'm getting very excited about the wedding and hopefully my family won't make things to painful. If anything you get showered with gifts by people you may not even care for so if anything that combined with getting to see all of Bekah's awesome family should make it like your birthday and christmas combined with thanksgiving so that should be cool. So it should be a really fun day at least and I absolutely adore bekah's family there. Plus I officaly have all of her nieces and nephews as my own someone will call me uncle Kyle without it being some silly band kid or something which should be cool. Everyday I'm so much more thankful we decided to just throw caution to the wind move in and get married. I never was into the whole crazy party life so I think an amazing foundation of memmories for the rest of my lifetime with the girl of my dreams was smarted then waiting around. Plus we've learned a lot about ourselves and how truly happy we can make each other.

Work is going well I managed to get my promotion and a pretty solid raise and I work only part time making nearly the same money I was working close to full time which is cool. Plus this summer when I go back to working full time I'll be making pretty decent money. I'm also thinking very seriously about taking my gecko passion to the next level. Bekah has drawn up some awesome plans for a display rack for our living room which should give me the room I need to expand my collection. She's even gonna let me take some of the money from the wedding and some from each of my checks to start saving for some quality geckos.

Well I better wake up bekah


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Date:2006-02-08 18:45
Subject:It's been a long time

Well its been a very long time since I've posted here. Its kinda funny looking at the old posts how much you change in under two years. Probably the biggest change that brought so much change in me is when I decided to say to hell with what is supposedly right and conventional and moved in with Rebekah this summer. Since then well I've been working full time and going to school full time. It's been hectic at times but its been really worth it in the end though most people probably would have prefered a life of ease. However I much prefer how my life is turning out since then Rebekah and I have gotten a puppy that has become pretty much our child, much better than a kid since you can leave it at home alone without children services coming after you. Also on January first Rebekah and I tied the knot. We haven't had our formal wedding and stuff yet but I am really loving this life with Bekah in our stereotypical start out apartment.
I've changed majors twice since the last time I posted but I think I've finaly settled on business management which I'm enjoying it so far. I work at the Chik-fil-a on bears avenue. I run the kitchen there at nights and am going through my managers training now so I'm doing pretty good for only being there for 6 months. I'm gonna try my best to update this more than anualy though we'll have to see how that goes. Just felt like posting for some reason and figured better to just sum up what has happened with the love of my life.

So I leave you for now with a picture of me and my daughter.

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Date:2004-07-21 10:34
Subject:So whats been up?
Mood: lonely

Well I began work for PHUHS on monday. So far its been pretty good I mean at 13 dollars an hour I really can't complain about it. I'm not sure how things are gonna turn out for them but its way to early in the game to start making predicitions. I'm not sure the student leadership particularly cares for me but I can imagine after 4 years without a staff it must be strange when one appears and starts trying to fix things you never even knew were problems. Its okay though its at times highly unstimulating but hey like I keep reminding myself 13 bucks an hour is just that no matter what your doing.

So whats up on the other fronts? Well Bekah and I are still dragging through our time apart I have work to keep me occupyed and away from my family and she's been saying her goodbyes to friends and spending it with her family so I guess its a constructive time. I don't have exactly a lot of time to have spent with her anyways if she coulda been here since 12 to 830 is a strange shift, but I have promised to spoil her more than usual to make up for the lack in togetherage.

Not a lot else going on besides missing Bekah and working at PHUHS. Thursday is about the only day I'm getting out this week and I'm taking my cousin Lynden to see I, Robot I hope it doesn't suck last year I wound up taking him to see Tomb Raider 2 which was pretty much vomict cause he wanted to I guess we'll see how this one goes.

Am I the only person who drools over 1966 Dodge Chargers? I want one so bad but a restored one in pretty good shape is like as much as a new car. There interior is so sexy so sexy. Maybe Bekah is right ... I do love inanimate objects a little to much... hmm

Any who I gotta go to work pretty soon so w00t..


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Date:2004-07-09 22:02
Subject:I had forgotten this feeling....

Well today marks the end of my wonderfull two months I had with my baby. So here I sit hopeing she's allright hopeing she knows how much I love her. It's not fun at all and I'd forgotten how much it sucked. I no longer have someone to laugh with someon to share every momment of the day with. This sucks though its only 3 weeks. 2 of which are gonna be working for Palm Harbor's marching band. Well enough mopeing for now hopefully Becky will be on soon.


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Date:2004-07-05 21:04
Subject:Haven't done this in a while so.....

Its probably been a year since I posted a quiz result anywhere so I'll be a troll since I love majestic mythological flying things.

Phoenixes are litterally birds of fire. They are
brave and majestic and have the ability to be
reborn from their own ashes. You are strog
willed an confident- a true leader. Although
you can get down in the dumps occasionaly you
are never there for long. Many people flock
around you and like you as a friend.

What Mythological Creature Are You (Many Results and Beautiful Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Date:2004-07-04 00:15
Subject:Been a while...

Well I'm not dead contrary to what my journal may be conveying so I guess its about time I get around to updating...

To start off I am quite possibly the largest loser.... ever. A few weeks ago Bekah and I got to talking about how I used to have a large addiction to customizable card games. Well she had never played any so I hunted around and at a Target found a couple 6 dollar preconstructed decks from one of my favorite TCGs ever and another one of my favorite franchises... pokemon. Yes I know I'm 6'3" 18 years old and have a fascination with sharp objects I understand the humor in seeing me somewhere delighted as a little kid cause I drew my pikachu, no need to comment. (as I sit here I also just realized livejournal implemented a new gramar checker, thats cute and a brunette) So yeah anyways as me and addictive things go today marks our first tournament. Bekah managed third being beaten by two national competetors one of which is playing at the world championship, with her Kingdra Ninetails deck and I lucked out and had to play both of the national guys in the prelims with my grass electric which stands no chance against a fire and a metal ( I know none of you know what I'm talking about but it makes me feel good) So in the end we won quite a few rare cards probably our 3 dollar entry fees worth and I bought a dragon off a kid for a quarter. So that was fun and we're probably gonna start playing in tournaments more often and stuff pokemon league wasn't very excited but I managed to beat everyone I played during it yielding me a worthless promo.

So asside from pokemon what else is up? Well bekah and I have been playing husband and wife andI can't complain any after a year off seeing each other about every other week if not more its nice to have seen her everyday for over a month straight. We've fished a lot chilled a lot gamed a lot and just done a lot of stuff. It's been really great. A lot of real bad family stuff has come up too and she's been my angel throughout all of it. I just can't believe how fast the time has gone since the day before my birthday it had been a year since I found out she existed. Despite the hardships of late its just been so much fun I have a bunch of pixs and I need to post them from all of our trips especialy sea world since those animals are so cute there. I also have a ton of fishing from all the fishy guys we've been catching. Its gonna suck when I'm at band camp for Palm Harbor but the money will be nice for our time together. I'll have to buy her some packs to make up for it.

In other news before I close up I've gotten a few new toys I'm really proud of lately. Matt bought me my new sidearm for my birthday a 3 inch blade Bench Made tactical pocket knives if you know anything about knives you'll know bench mades are the best you can get and what most special forces use. I'm also writing this entry from my new iBook I have a 1.2ghz with a 60 gig and 760 ddr ram she's sweet only got a 32 meg graphics card but I never game anymore and this will be more than enough for the next few years. Also I got a new gameconsole for my birthday from my baby. She was a doll and bought me a gamecube after she talked me out of buying one for the longest time now what a sweetie she's a ninja I swear.

Life is good. If you are interested in the details of my summer check Bekahs bekah__boo since she's normaly more detailed.


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Date:2004-04-27 17:03
Subject:Now, future, music, past, and wendys chicken temptaions
Mood: full

Well i just got back from my first horn lesson in like three years. It went pretty well though my chops were pretty busted since I skipped Gym to go work on the Strauss 1st Concerto(I know what a rebel!) I've decided to include some sort of music minor in music most likely horn performance. The best part of all my late resurge of sudden horniness(sorry couldn't help it) is the YHR667d I'm now the proud owner of since it passed inspection. I guess the mentioning of an expensive musical instrument is a good time to include my dad didn't get cut from NATSAP which means he's slighlty less insane(still insane though) and we aren't down 100,000 dollars a year which means I don't have to get an equity loan on my kidney to finally get a Professional horn. It's bad ass so much easier than that shitty Abaline(Sp?) Conn 8d I've been playing for the past 4 years. If you don't know the 667 its the Yamaha Geyer wrap in yellow brass and its the detachable bell one so yay for sexy pieces of metal.I love it allmost as much as Bekah and am nearly as worried about it to, I kinda treat it like some people treat babies the ones that don't get arrested on child abuse. Prom came and it was very bad ass even if the "party bus" of Yauchs turned out to be a church buss with nice seats it was free and still nice. We danced we ran into faces from the past (no comment) and in the end all was well and everyone enjoyed there after prom except for Hunter. I just got done eating an amazing sandwich I reckomend everyone go out and try a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Temptaion its better than the original hell it kicks the shit out of a chick fila one. Well I feel like playing D2 so peace.


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Date:2004-03-30 17:29
Subject:Well its been a while

Well its been a while journal and I guess I should write more often. Kinda like me and shaving when I wait a week to do it and I have a beard its more of a pain and difficult than if I just shaved everyday. OKay strange analogy. Well I just got back from State Solo and Ensemble.... I got an excellent which at that level isn't to bad. I could have so got a one but I've been sick for the past week and have only recently managed to have the air I need to play my horn. But its come its done so much seems to be winding down all mounted around this whole college then life. In a few weeks the and then the month of summer where I'll most likely just game and fish, the safety net is gone and its sink or swim, fight or fall.

So whats on my mind? Well i have a paper looming over me one on the Treaty of Versailles and the pathway to WW2 okay not to bad mainly just getting myself to do it. Which I probably should be now instead of writing in here. Bekah and I are still going strong we had a lot of heavy hard talking on Sunday but we seem to be better than before. I'm not sure what's wrong today but I'm sure I shouldn't worry to bad she sounded fine when I told her scores. So I'm sure in a little while I'll know what is up. Well I'll post more often I promise I just gotta go work on that paper.


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Date:2004-02-22 15:36
Subject:Hey Hey Hey!
Mood: determined

Well its been a long time and every day I say to my self hey I should write in my live journal and then I may go to and something will come up or I'll just forget. So yes I have a few minutes before I go see the kids play. And I'm sure all three people on my friends list have just been waiting with bated breathe to know what is up in my life! Well what's up? Actually not very much my life kinda has only two things going on it from my point of view my relationship with Bekah and everything else (sorry coin collection I know you were hoping you'd get top billing or your own category). So what is up on the Bekah front?

Well a lot has happened since the last time I wrote in here. To be honest I don't remember the last time I wrote in here so I don't even know what you've missed. Pretty much we've become vomitrotiously in love with each other. We are that couple you see and you go fuck those stupid people they think their soooo fucking cute and happy. yeah thats us and yeah I've said that about couples before. Now I know what your saying well if its that perfect it really aint that good and the hood and I'd say your right except for the fact we still have problems sometimes we just work around them and figure them out. Sometimes like last night things can get pretty rough but we allways manage to learn from our problems and make this relationship better something I'm glad to have finally gotten right in a relationship. god I wish I was better about updating this so I could regale you all with all the fun we've had. We've gotten really geeky lately but thats good in my book and my baby got glasses which is just to much for me oy love them ladies with glasses that got them hot asses.(what a fucking poet I know). But yeah everything is going very very well and I've never been happier so yeah I'll get better about letting you know whats up.

Everything else:

Okay mainly I'm bored a lot reading a lot and surprisingly after a 2 year hiatus playing diablo 2 again. But thats okay cause D2 is pimp and my level 71 pally is pretty nice cept his damage sucks. Oh I'm also trying really hard to get my self more motivated to work on my brain farts like my web page and comics.

Well I gots to go to the kids play but Yeah I finaly broke my hiatus on here.


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Date:2003-12-18 07:43

Wow I'm sitting here packing for my trip to Deland and I never knew how many pairs of generic levi jeans I have I have like 6 pairs which is a lot... Woah this is pointless. I am one stupid exam and a 2 and a half hour drive away from being with Bekah for 2 weeks straight. So I guess even though I never update and noone reads this I Shoud say I won't be posting for a while but I probably will when my 2 weeks of Bekahness is o ver and I'll probably hook you guys up with pictures. So yeah bye non existent live journal readers.


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Date:2003-12-01 16:11
Subject:Miss Reed is all I need!

So the winter air is upon us in sorts hopefuly it will last a little cause I love wearing my winter clothes. call me a queer but I think I look cute in my sweatshirts and I love my leather jacket and Bekah has fallen in love with it too. So yes my glorious week has come to a close and all I have to say is after spending 10 days straight with someone you adore and love life sucks without them. Terrible feeling to wake up and not have anyone be there. Or to go back to eating meals alone infront of your computer than with the company of someone else. I especialy miss our picking we do at each other its a shame to spill a drink and not have someone joke with you about it. It especialy sucks cause I'm listening to the playist of all the christmas and like 12 versions of walking in memphis we downloaded. The girl leaves but the memories remain..... I could rant about all the little reminders I found around but I'll talk about what we did and who doesn't love a day by day and pictures!

I'm thankful I'm not a dog since they have to eat dog food...Collapse )


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Date:2003-11-18 18:31
Subject:Living la vida geek....

I dunno what is up with me as of late but when I'm not thinking of my Bekah off in far off Deland. I can't shake the those nerdy desires of mine. I'm starting to get worried. I mean I beat a game like within a 3 week period I knnow what your thinking big deal peopel do that all the time.... Your right people do but this is me who starts games getrs relatively far and stop playing for no other reason other than to probably start another game to do the same thing with. Yeah so I just finished Crimson Skies but I am playing a lottttt of the XBOX Live with it when I'm not talking to my Bekah since she is allways top priority.

Nothing is goign on at school this week so I am even gaming there a lot I've been playing a lot of FFT:Advanced and it is a blast... The story sucks compared to the original but the game its self is a blast.

Bekah is coming on Friday which is like the greatest thing to happen in... well whenever it was I saw Bekah last. We don't have a great deal planned but I believe it should be good we haven't had a chance to just be together and I think it will settle the apprehension I'm stil lfeeling a little of about next Fall. I know I know this is a great thing for us but I just worrry still its what I do.

Yeah not a greaat deal going on besides gaming and awaiting the coming week.


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Date:2003-11-16 20:04
Subject:So whats up with you?

Well it has been one hella long time since I posted anything here that resembled substance. Well I'm gonna attempt to remedy that. By trying to sum up the past month in like an LJ entry wow how cool that would be som,e kinda cool aye?

oKay since my internet is down I'm gonna try to work on this some more so yeah. Okay hmm how bout I divide things up into sectiions to make this easier. In no particular order.

Bottomline is its over the season ended what I will classify as succesfull. We got straight superior at FBA we did okay at competition and thats about it. Concert season is starting and I am once again reminded of the pain off beats bring me as well as christmas music poor jews you'll recieve no love from my band. Yeah I'm looking forward to college band I guess. I'm not a zealous as I used to be but that might be because season is over and I really feel like sitting on my ass.... a lot. But yeah my horn line is gonna be uh interesting for concert season. They have the heart and I'll give them a hero cookie for that. But not a good horn line cookie..... yet. Okay enough of band I'm not that much of a band dork anymore...

Uh what to do next uh how about Rachel front since believe it or not that has been human lately. After about uh 6 months of pseudo or all out hostility her and I are kinda getting along again we both talked about it a lot and have kinda made peace which is good cause I dunno who else would have known how to resurect my SNES last nigh when I got a Zelda craving. But Yeah were both happy for each other which is probably the best we've been in a long time. Nothing to exciting mainly the lack of problems here is worth rejoicing for.


Last but in no fucking way the least the Bekah front. Come on you don't think I'd bring up Rachel as a positive fact with out ranting on some of the ever charming always adorable Bekah now would I?
Welll worlds have happened with Bekah since last time I bothered to write in this damned thing. Probably the biggest and most recent is the fact that Bekah is going to be graduating a year early officialy as of today. This new fact brings about all kinds of emotions mainly a lot of excitment but a share of nervousness too. Aside from my usual worries on everything the whole Bekah front is going iin a generally bad ass direction. Sometimes it may seem we are emotionaly movign to fast but it can be dificult to stop a freight train. And coming up this friday begins my week straight with Bekah which should either be a blast or a relationship destroying event. Most likely a blast but you know me I can't be all optomism. Though i am a good bit when it comes to my Bekah....

See I attempted to wrap up a whole couple months in one post and most likely failed miserably go me!


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Date:2003-11-13 21:56
Subject:All your eggs in one Basket

I'm mainly putting this here so it will allways be easily accesible for myself since this is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me before.
so I'll make a cut just cause...

Oh the sweetest thingCollapse )

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Date:2003-11-13 16:46
Subject:If it wasn't for one thing.....

I swear on every omnipotent diety worshipd around the world if it wasn't for one person who helps keep my life above shitty I would have put my revolver in my mouth by now. I'm sick of my family and all the stress and how everytime something happens they yell at me cause there pissed off at everything.

And to make matters worse I have to worry now about getting a referal or ocip or suspension or shit cause I swatted a dumbass that was hitting me with a newspaper repeatedly. I wouldn't have to worry except the fact it is a freshman I'm an anderson and I hit him in some bruise he had. whatever I don't care other than the fact I don't feel like getting yelled at about more shit that I didn't do malitiously or even at all have the time.

Here's to putting all your eggs in one basket.... cheers.


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Date:2003-11-11 14:01
Subject:Long time no update....

Well it has been far to long and I really need to catch my none existent audience up on my life but my computer is in a state of chaos and the hard drive is wanting to unmount itself. So I'm gonna have to initialize this harddrive on my terms not its so I may not be on for a bit this afternoon but once I get it fixed I promise I'll update everyone on my actualy some what interesting life.

As for Ghost your a great computer and I'm sure once your mind is errased you'll still be a good computer.

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Date:2003-10-18 08:06

Oy my back I think I did it in. I had to carry Ryan last night since he hyperextended his leg and I think all the weight on my back culminating with the fact I allways unload props and pit carts. Damnit it hurts but shhh don't tell anyone this is all the complaining I"m gonna do since I don't get hurt or sick. Anyways I have a morning practice to get to


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Date:2003-10-17 14:27
Subject:I'm a brave man.....

Well I've been being a good litle boy and cleaning my room all day it doesn't matter realy cause Michael just messes it up but I do it anyways. What I had orginaiy planned to do didn't come through cause it turns out I still had frogs in my tank.... I've been very busy lately leave me alone.... luckily they've been living off of ants as I think everything in there has been. So I didn't have the heart to let them go for obvious ecologoical reasons and I know I don't have the heart to microwave them(the only real humane way to kill a frog) So I decided to keep them even if they were gifts from Rachel. Besides Donny renamed them both Bob so they are no longer the same frogs. So nowme in my courageous ways I'm going to the pet store to get them food and a new filter and I'm gonna take my dog..... I've never taken Gwen like anywhere so Petsmart should be an adventure!

Well I'm off!

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